Diamond shapes and how to style them

Diamonds come in several cuts and shapes that have their own characteristics and charm. The cuts indicate the angles or facets on the diamond surface helping to catch and reflect light, giving lab-created diamonds Manchester their fantastic sparkle. You may be wondering which shape would suit your style the best. You are in the right place! Here are a few popular shapes that are commonly chosen for their appearances.

Round brilliant

This is considered the most popular shape among diamonds, a common sight in engagement or wedding rings. This is a circular gemstone, the cuts giving it a stunning shine. Although their high demand in the market makes them more expensive compared to other shapes, a round brilliant lab-created diamond UK is great for presents as well as it is more affordable. These are classy to wear on their own, or paired with matching bracelets or earrings of the same colour theme.


A cushion-cut diamond is of a rounded square shape, making it an elegant choice for rings and earrings. You can often find these shapes surrounded by a row of smaller gemstones that help to elevate the look, bringing an extravagant air to your outfit. Pair these with simpler hand jewelry such as bangles or metal band rings.


Emerald cuts have a mature appearance with their simple but sophisticated shape. They have more flexibility with matching and can go with other pieces with similar shapes. Pairing them with a large round or oval-shaped diamond may look unflattering so keep in mind to experiment with your pieces.


Heart-shaped diamonds are a romantic piece and can be used to jazz up your jewelry arrangement. With a youthful flair, this shape can be worn with pretty much anything, going well with both refined and playful styles. To achieve the latter, you can play around with colours such as reds and pinks that will complement the heart-shaped diamond

Princess cut

Princess cut diamonds are also very famous in engagement rings for their lovely charm. With its square silhouette and pointed edges, it demands to be the center of attention. It is also a very scintillating shape, so combining it with other sparkly pieces will take away its spotlight.

Now that you understand some of the most sought-after shapes and cuts, it’s time for you to pick your own! Get yourself that diamond and immediately brighten up any attire.